The clearest way to a deeper healing is seen
through the clouded light embedded upon the mountain


I am a graduate of IMBC Colorado with an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy with a strong medical emphasis on anatomy & physiology including circulation & life, structure & movement, control & metabolism, and therapeutic kinesiology. I employ techniques of Swedish massage, deep tissue, neuromuscular, hydrotherapy, myofascial trigger point therapy, prenatal, and medical massage.

The Heritage of Medicine Mountain Massage

I am the owner of Medicine Mountain Massage, born and raised at Taos Pueblo also known as the Red Willow People where I continue to reside. Through observation of the dances, songs, and cultural influences passed on through the words of the ones before me, I recognized the importance of movement of the muscular and skeletal systems of the body thus my desire to become a licensed massage therapist.

As a life-long musician, I offer Gourd Sound Healing Sessions. For centuries, Taos Pueblo drums and instruments have brought a calming and grounding sense of being to the Taos Valley. A must for every visitor staying in Taos.
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"My partner and I were on a short vacation in Taos, and were drawn to Benito’s website. Both of us are yogis and did not know what to expect, however, what we experienced, was—hands-down— the most transformational deep tissue massage either of us has ever had. We each have nagging injuries for which  A.R.T. has had minimal affect. However, after working with Benito, we both have mobility and energy in my shoulder and thoracic spine that we were not certain we would gain again. Beyond the proficient and customized use of many, many modalities—the open and gracious conversation and the sharing of stories, made this a transformational experience for us both. We will be driving to Taos again soon just to work with Benito. If you want deep, substantive, change in not just your soft tissue, but also your spirit-body-mind complex, we highly recommend Benito."

-Warren L

"Benito was a lifesaver for our film production. Our actors faced long days of horseback riding and other strenuous activity. Several of them suffered injuries that would inhibit them from continuing their work. We were shooting in remote locations, which made it hard to find reliable medical attention. Not only could we depend on Benito to administer treatment on location, but our A-list actors were blown away by the relief he gave them. They felt a significant decrease in pain and stress levels after just a single session. They were able to safely and comfortably go back to work. The treatments were reasonably priced and Benito made a point to explain what was causing the pain and what he was able to do to help. I would highly recommend Benito's services to anybody."    

-Nate B. (filmmaker), 'Hostiles', New Mexico.

"Benito, natural & gifted massage therapist, with centuries of ancestral healing experience permeating through his therapeutic touch as well as the knowledge he gained while studying with excellence the neuromuscular system of the body to become a licensed therapist."

-C.S.  Taos, N.M.


"Ben is a very skillful, talented, and intuitive therapist. Before my spine surgery, his massage was the only thing that gave me real pain relief. He helped me tremendously and I highly recommend him!"

-J.L. (client)

"Benito has a very unique approach to his therapy which allows one to heal thy self and absorb the moment.  I have traveled extensively for my business and have experienced many world class spas, this is one massage therapist in a extraordinary class of his own."

-J.A.  Denver, CO.